Cerec Crowns & Bridges

Cerec Same-Day Crowns

What if we told you that you could get a permanent crown in just one visit? With cerec, this is possible!

After we prepare the tooth for a crown, we take a digital scan of your mouth. Our scanner takes approximately 20 images per second. These images are stitched together and sent to our computer. Once the images are gathered, we can then design a permanent crown that fits uniquely to your mouth! This software allows us to precisely adjust the crown, including every contact spot on the crown when you bite down! The completed design is sent to our in-office milling unit and it is fabricated immediately. 

Advantages to Cerec Same-Day Crowns

There are many advantages to same day crowns. In the past, temporary crowns would be placed in the mouth while the permanent restoration was being fabricated. Often times, patients would break or lose their temporary crowns. With Cerec, you receive a permanent crown the same day! In addition, traditional crowns require an impression of the mouth to fabricate the permanent crown. With Cerec, we no longer have to take impressions!

Cerec offers the most innovative and cutting edge technology. We are proud to offer this service to our patients. We have a variety of materials to choose from when fabricating your crown. We will work with you to choose the material that best suits you!

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